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Are you looking for guidance on how to create high-level data distillation for a CEO? Or, are you trying to build your first in-depth report for a department manager seeking granular details? We’ve got insights to help you throughout the process.

Check out the latest and greatest on what's going on in the business intelligence industry.

Keeping the “Key” in Key Performance Indicator

In our line of work, we’re constantly talking with clients about business metrics, stats, measures, goals, targets, data points, Key Performance Indicators, etc., etc. Many of these words can be used…

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Five Steps to Establishing A Successful KPI Reporting Routine

We often hear from clients how excited they are to begin analyzing and utilizing KPI reporting from the data their business is collecting, or about how they would like to have a best-in-class data…

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Invest in dashboard formatting now, save time later

We have all had the internal debate of deciding when building a Tableau dashboard whether to take the time to optimize the dashboard formatting now or publish it as is and format later. Taking the…

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Choosing BI and data visualization tools

Choosing BI and data visualization tools can seem like an overwhelming task - there are many options, each of which is consistently making enhancements and improvements. Meanwhile, your business is…

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