In today's economy, the proliferation of data generated by online transactions, customer interactions, and even supply chain operations offers a goldmine of insights.
In today's economy, the proliferation of data generated by online transactions, customer interactions, and even supply chain operations offers a goldmine of insights.

Yet, without a coherent strategy to harness this data, your business risks overwhelm or, worse, being outmaneuvered by more data-savvy competitors.

Every project is unique, that's why we offer a wide range of tailored solutions.

Creating Data Strategy Roadmaps

Detailed Data Strategy Roadmap: Crafting and executing a data analytics strategy comes with its own set of obstacles, including concerns about data integrity, compartmentalized data sets, and the seamless merging of information across disparate platforms. To navigate these hurdles, organizations need to develop a detailed data strategy roadmap that outlines a step-by-step plan for data collection, analysis, and application.

Breaking Down The Existing Data Silos: At Common we are your guide to implementing that roadmap; we break down the existing data silos in your organization to develop a holistic view that successfully informs strategic decisions. This often involves evaluating existing IT/Business/Financial infrastructures to foster a culture of collaboration across departments ensuring data flows freely and is accessible to all. Embracing this data strategy roadmap not only mitigates the challenges with a siloed organization but also propels the company toward realizing the full spectrum of benefits that a sophisticated approach to data can deliver.

KPI Development and Monitoring

Measurable Performance:

In order to achieve growth and profitability objectives, it is critical for any organization to align on specific, measurable performance indicators that drive results.  Common helps define these from both a business and data perspective, and develop consistent and transparent measurement so the entire team knows what success looks like.


Companies are best set up for success when the full team understands what performance metrics and levels will ladder up to overall business goals. Common helps create a semantic reporting layer and front-end BI reporting to marry actual performance with stated goals, providing visibility to all relevant parties on where the organization stands relative to its objectives.

Data strategy consulting built for scale

At Common, we provide clients with a solid data analytics strategy by ensuring your data is set up in the right way for both technical and non-technical use. We guide businesses to align on that one source of truth to determine the most important business metrics. Once the source of truth is established, we work with data engineers and analytics engineers to construct data marts that support both ad hoc querying, analysis, and durable recurring visualizations in tools such as Tableau, Looker, or PowerBI.

Customer Insights

Unique Experiences

Common creates customer-level insights through meticulous analysis of a customer profile, behavioral, and transactional data.  These insights unveil unique patterns throughout a customer’s lifecycle and allow clients to craft shopping experiences and anticipate future actions.  These efforts drive customer satisfaction and future engagement.

Better Marketing and Sales

By helping firms gain a full understanding of their customers, they tailor products and marketing communications to resonate better each consumer. This granular understanding of the consumer journey facilitates the creation of targeting that speaks directly to the needs and wants of the audience, enhancing the effectiveness of all sales and marketing efforts.


Investing in a robust data strategy empowers our clients to forge deeper connections with their customers, cultivating brand loyalty and setting the stage for a virtuous cycle of feedback, improvement, and retention. Through the strategic application of customer data, D2C and CPG firms  achieve a level of personalization that exceeds consumer expectations; distinguishing themselves in a crowded and competitive landscape.

Avoiding Overstock and Shortages:

At Common, we know firsthand that operational and supply chain efficiency is paramount for D2C and CPG companies. Adopting a pointed data analytics strategy lays the foundation for substantial improvements in all operational facets. Through the insights Common derives, our clients learn about tracking of inventory levels throughout the supply chain, which aids in maintaining the optimal balance between surplus and scarcity, thereby avoiding both overstock and supply shortages. Data analytics also facilitate accurate demand forecasting, a critical component in planning production schedules and managing resources effectively.

Consumer Demand:

By integrating a comprehensive data analytics strategy into their operations and supply chain management, Common’s D2C and CPG clients streamline processes while enhancing their adaptability to market changes and consumer demands. This proactive approach to data utilization fosters an environment where continuous improvement is possible, driving operational excellence and contributing significantly to the overall success and sustainability of the business.

Supplier Performance:

Equally important is the insights data provides into supplier performance. At Common, our clients learn how to make informed decisions about partnerships and procurement strategies from the information currently locked away in their existing systems. This level of visibility into the supply chain identifies areas where improvements are necessary, whether in terms of cost, quality, or delivery times. Additionally, a well-implemented data analytics strategy surfaces those patterns and trends that inform logistics planning, optimizing routes and distribution networks to ensure that products reach their destinations in the most efficient manner possible.

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