For DTC and B2B companies striving for growth, leveraging Consumer Insights and Business Analytics are required. But, how can a business understand the difference and learn to transform these insights into actionable strategies that drive growth? At Common we work with clients, using their own business intelligence reporting and custom research, to reveal the right consumer insights.

Defining the Consumer Insights Space

Consumer insights and business analytics are complimentary terms that have a specific and nuanced difference. At Common we take the time to explain these important distinctions to our clients:

Consumer Insights

is an umbrella term for resource(s) responsible for items such as: conducting quantitative and qualitative in-house/custom and third-party research, synthesizing syndicated data, and performing relevant ‘analytics’ work that is customer-centric

Business Analytics

is an umbrella term for resource(s) responsible for items such as: building structured or self-serve data tools, report/dashboard creation, and/or performing ad hoc analysis to support strategic decision-making

Once an organization understands how we look at these similar yet unique terms, we move on to break down the overall research ecosystem.

Learning the Ecosystem

Any business aiming to capitalize on data must consider the different components that make up that research ecosystem: Ongoing / Always On Measurement, Custom Research, and an integrated Voice of the Customer (VOC) program. Having just one component may provide data points, but like a natural ecosystem, all three used together create a robust and complete data picture allowing more enlightened decisions for the business.

Ongoing, Always-on Research

This is your constant data used to help us understand and stay up on evolving trends and patterns over time. This is the data that allows us to look backward and forward, identifying emerging issues or exciting opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT):

percentage of customers who are satisfied with a product, service, or interaction.

Net Promoter Score (NPS):

likelihood of customers to recommend a company's product or service to others.

Brand Awareness & Perception Tracking:

who is aware of your brand and what do they think of you and relevant competitors?

Custom Research

At Common some of our most exciting work is done through the oversight and management of custom qualitative and quantitative research tailored to the exact questions keeping you up at night.

Product Concept Testing

Conjoint Testing


Price Testing

Focus Groups

Digital Diaries

Integrated Voice of the Customer

Setting up a VOC program – and how CI, Analytics, CX, and Product / UX teams can and should collaborate – can be the key to unlocking hidden insights and is an initiative we are passionate about designing with our clients at Common and one that we excel at designing.

Integrated Voice of the Customer cross-functional groups help to consolidate insights and reduce duplication of effort by meeting (often monthly), collaborate on ongoing research, share recent findings, and flag customer feedback issues. This coordinated effort helps raise concerns to management, in a more standard sharing cadence, to help everyone connect the dots.

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We take a client-centric approach, prioritizing your goals and objectives throughout the engagement. Our commitment to open communication and collaboration ensures that we build lasting partnerships with our clients. Our track record speaks for itself having successfully helped numerous organizations transform their data into actionable insights, driving business growth and enhancing operational efficiency.

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