Team Augmentation

Via advisory or hands-on keyboard work.


Expert POV to help support C-suite & Leadership.

Fully Outsourced

Results like internal team,
but better.

The Problem

The company already had a Looker instance and years of historical data at their fingertips, but the analytics team only had one internal team member, who had plenty of competing priorities. While the infrastructure was in place, the company needed immediate help maintaining current dashboards and creating new reports.

The Approach

Common Insights helped oversee current reporting and led the creation of additional dashboards. The new Looker dashboards featured several advanced updates including:

  • Clear and concise visualizations making it easy to understand company performance vs. budget across a range of metrics (e.g., LTV, acquisition, retention) and at multiple levels (i.e., company, region, and studio)
  • Dynamic dashboards with intuitive filters allowing those with Looker licenses to manipulate the data as needed
  • Automated daily data updates and weekly PDF report sends ensuring leadership had the most up-to-date information

The Results

The dashboards Common Insights built elevated the company’s overall reporting suite, providing newfound insights into company health from the top down. The easy-to-digest dashboards and in-depth reporting allowed leaders at all levels to quickly decipher what was going on with the business, identify potential pain points, and make necessary improvements where needed.